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3Way,4Way ball valve

3-Way,4-Way Ball Valve

ONERO 3-Way 4-Way ball valve are cast steel ball valve provide tightness over an extensive range of temperatures and pressures. All this series ball valve above 10 are featured with trunnion mounted ball and unique spring loaded seats provides bubble-tight shut off and low operating torques even at low pressure, the advantage are less weighted and cost effective.
Design standard:
Design:  API6D, Manufacturers standard
Test:  API598
Products range:
Size: 1/2" ~ 16" (DN15~DN400) T-type,L-Type
Rating: 150LB ~ 300LB
Body Materials: Carbon steel, Stainless steel
Trim: A105+ENP,13Cr,F304,F316
Design feature:   Application:
Full or Reduce port
Fire safe seat sealing
Low emission control
Optional by locking device
Operation: Lever, Gear, Pneumatic etc.operator
Power plant ,etc
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